Easy alternatives to store bought treats

Since commercial treats may be full of salt or other things not good for dogs, we cook our own.  We buy liver, cook it in water for a bit (I can’t stand handling it raw) and cut it into small pieces and bake at 200 degrees for several hours. Pork tenderloin works well too. The red mat is a plastic that can be used in the oven.  Easier than a dehydrator.   I also cut up left over meat and use that as long as it wasn’t cooked with onions and isn’t too full of fat.  Nothing else is needed.  They love it just this way.  I also cut up raw kale and use that for training as well.  My dogs will often take kale/spinach/cauliflower/broccoli over meat, but mixing it together gives a variety when training.


How to use a dehydrator:



Here’s a few more suggestions from Dr. Dodds: